Friday, January 06, 2006

When In Doubt, Add More Cheese

In the interest of my recent fascination with upating classics in simple yummy ways, I thought I should share this Times article. It is the story for one woman's search for the ultimate, cheesey macaroni and cheese recipe. Here is the resulting recipe.

At the grocery store the other day,
Brad told me that after reading this article he was experiencing an intense craving for the dish, which is now on the menu for the weekend. Although I can't say I share the author's enthusiasm for American (processed) cheese, an oppinion with which my Velveeta-loving mother-in-law would disagree I'm sure, I certainly do love cheddar. Personally, I like a little cream cheese in the mac mixture for it's creamy and yet binding qualities. Other than that, I'd say the article's findings are spot on.

I once told Brad that if people would just be sure to include lots of garlic and/or cheese in all their cooking, everything would certainly taste delicious. So do it, comfort youself - make some mac and cheese!


amandumb said...

homemade mac and cheese is up there with new clothes in my book. Nothing is really better

hBomBer said...

Now you know what we'll have for dinner next time you come to visit. You can wear a new outfit and we'll drink some nice wine to make a real event of it! Can you even handle it?