Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blue Tuesday

Despite the fact that it has now been one entire month since I have gone out of the house for the type of work that deposits money into my bank account, I seem to be drowning in work at home. One project after another keeps stacking up and I can't seem to get through them.

I had a rough night of sleep last night (not much sleeping was actually done) that I attribute to the growing stress I feel for my lack of a job and income. I know I need to job hunt because my agency has not pulled any projects for me in a while, but I can't seem to get through my perpetual to-do lists in order to do so.

In addition, Francine is having a rough day too which makes me all the sadder. As if it is not enough that she has splitting chapped lips that occasionally bleed (yeah, you know how uncomfortable that is) and came back from my parent's house with some sort of mucousy eye infection this past weekend, this morning we woke up and found her hopping on three legs due to a badly torn pad on her back foot. I don't know what caused this mysterious injury that appeared over night, but it broke my little heart watching her hop to, around and home from the park on this morning's dog walk.

Poor Francine - she looks as down as I feel today . . . although she is cute as ever. According to this Times article that Brad sent me, I think she would be scientifically classified.

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