Sunday, January 01, 2006

On To The Next

New day, new year!

Happy 2006!!!

I am in the process of recovering from last week and last night. The chaos of traveling, families, and holidays culminated in our feeble attempt to host a New Year's Eve party last night when almost everyone we know in Brooklyn was out of town. Instead we ended up with a drunken apartment full of a few friends and mostly strangers rockin' in the new year and woke up with red-wine stained couch and a bit of a hungover fog. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, what I remember of it anyway . . . .

Last week while in Colorado Springs with Brad's family we were on a pretty heavy party schedule that involved many nights of alcohol and appetizers. The final night my mother-in-law co-hosted a women-and-their-daughters party for which I made a blue cheese and walnut ball that was so good I actually toted the second one back, frozen, on the plane and served it last night to yet another pleased audience. Some of Caryl's friends who were hoping to be mentioned in this blog, including Beth Byer, Marcia Hafemeister and Debbie Pierre, might be interested to know that the cheese ball was actually a Martha Stewart recipe that you can find here.


Anyway, today is January 1st of 2006, and that means it is time for some resoltuions. Here we go:

Heather's Wishful Resolutions for 2006

Become a morning person

Get a full-time design business up and running

Take dance classes or teach dance classes every week
Write a cookbook
Figure out what to do with the next few years of my life . . .

Heather's Realistic Resolutions for 2006
Wake up earlier
Hunt for more independent design clients
Start creating my own recipes
Make time for personal creative projects
Blog more
Shop less, or a least save more
See what else happens . . . .

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