Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Warning: NOT For Vegetarians

Working backwards here . . . .

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Yippeee!!!!

Tonight my parents came over to celebrate and gave me a birthday present this blog will definitely benefit from in posts to come: A Canon Powershot SD550 Digital Elph!!!!! It's so small and soooooo cool. For the occasion I cooked us a feast, including an amazing leg of lamb that I bought this weekend from our recent supplier of farm-raised meats, Dines Farms.

In order to roast the leg of lamb, according to a recipe I was following from, you guessed it, my new favorite cookbook, Tyler Florence's Eat This Book, I had to perform surgery. Guided by the Joy of Cooking, last night I successfully (although not without a great deal of effort) removed the hip and thigh bone from the leg of lamb. After which I stuffed it with garlic and parsley, tied it back up and rubbed it with a North African spice blend that Brad cooked up for me (also from Eat This Book) - MMMmmmmmmmmm.

Can you tell in these photos that yesterday I also got a haircut???

The clock is ticking . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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jeanne said...

happy birthday! i am a vegetarian, so i just read your post with my eyes closed! :))