Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fan Mail

This morning over breakfast Brad and I were discussing how I might boost my blog readership. He suggested a techical approach of searchable tags, while I thought of introducing more controversial subject matter. But, despite the crawl speed of my hit counter, I'm at least getting positive feeback from my small but steady audience. I occasionally receive a compliment or encouraging email and today I recieved an especially outstanding bit of fan mail, from the number one fan of this blog, my mother-in-law.

Now I am guessing the subject of this email has to do with my recently documented return from the unemployed dead. The content however, is a little cloudy. Perhaps it would make more sense if I could see it through a martini haze - but unfortunately all the Sapporo
I drank dinner isn't offering greater clarity.

From: Caryt Thomason
Subject: Glad to see you back!!!

Date: January 19, 2006 1:11:13 AM EST

To: Heather Marold

Always live in YOUR place and time, and remember we choose to surround

ourselves with folks who keep us steady "most of the time".

That's why we marry the folks we marry. ...or who keep us


xo Mom

(I've had a I prophetic or what?)

FYI: I love my daughter-in-law's blogs! AND I love my little "virgin

olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette chefs and chefettes"!

xxoo Mom

Yep. that's right. do you need to scroll back up and read that again?

Now the funny thing is that Caryl might just be onto something here. Who doesn't seek some wisdom? Brad suggested that we get Caryl her own blog where she would post prophetic tidbits and advice delivered only through a martini haze, and he vowed to read it as a drunken I Ching. Maybe I'm just missing that hook in my own blog.

As for us "virgin olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette chefs and cheffettes", the eating is about to get a whole lot better here in Brooklyn. Yesterday Brad and I purchased my birthday (February 1st if you're wondering, hint, hint) present - cooking classes at the New School! I will be studying both curries of the world and the art of fresh pasta. So, I'll have some new culinary advice to share pretty soon. Does that want to make you tune back in? Tell your friends?

I'm working on it . . .

"That's why we marry the folks we marry. ...or who keep us merry...whatever!"


amandumb said...

i am at a loss for words.

a. my mom is awesome and she does indeed need a blog of her own - it may cut down on all the drunk dialing.

b. i never want to see that scary pic of Brad again.seriously, nightmares.

c. NUDITY may get the readership WAY up but i am not sure mom and i will still be such avid followers.


hBomBer said...

I'm laughing out loud right now, at work. All I have to do is go back and read that email again and I'll really loose my shit.

I'm not afraid of public nudity, you could be onto something. Be careful what you wish for.