Monday, March 13, 2006

How to Cook Like A Gourmet

Or at least like you read Gourmet Magazine.

A few weeks ago, desperately missing my summer garden share, I signed us up for Urban Organics. Since then I have been delivered a box full of organic fruits and veggies every Thursday, and trying to use them all within the week has been shaking up my choice of recipes.

Yesterday we stopped by the farmer's market and I sought out my favorite meat vendor to find the perfect accompaniment for a buch of green beans I wanted to use. My choice was two beautiful duck breasts. And so, upon returning home I sought out some cooking inspiration on and found a recipe that was so absoultely drop-dead-delicious (and easy!) that I just had to share. . .

You can find the recipe for Duck Breasts with orange, honey and tea sauce here. I recommend eating it as we did, garnished with orange wedges, and paired with roasted sweet potatoes and some green beans tossed with toasted almonds in lemon butter. (You starting to imagine just how many fruits and veggies I now have around the kitchen thanks to the delivery?) But seriously, this is an great dish, simple to make, and sure to impress some dinner guests. Quack!

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