Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brad "The Baker"

Brad has proclaimed that he intends to be the baker/dessert specialist of the family. This is an exciting complement to my cooking obsession, being that I can whip up some amazing diners, but recently messed up a box cake.

Last night, in his second effort to earn this title, Brad made some scrumptious
Lemony Sugar Coookies. The first effort towards the same batch of cookies took place and failed last week. Brad had some mixing casualties and accidently doubled the butter, a result of the unfortunate, beginner's mistake of not reading the entire recipe before making the dough. The cookies (if you can call them that) were a sight!

However, if some lessons are best learned through mistakes, then Brad is on his way to greatness. Last night's cookie baking episode was a methodical and slightly anal endevour on his part that yielded some very yummy cookies.

Francine loves cookies too.

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