Monday, October 31, 2005

The Sweet Smell of Victory

The Dark Rainbows won the Black Top Street Hockey semi-finals!!!! It was a close one, but we kicked some What the Puck ass, 4-3. Now, next sunday, in front of the entire league, we will be playing in the championship game against Pork Fried Rice / New York Cty Street (yes, that's really their name).

Last year the Dark Rainbows were an expansion team. In our first season we advanced as far as the semi-finals in the playoffs, but we lost. Though we came back to secure third place, we watched the championship game from the sidelines, all wishing it was Pink on that court. This year there will be Pink on that court, and a crowd cheering for the Rainbows. We have earned it.

There are two important factors that will hopefully aid us in winning, not to mention, making it all the more cool:

  1. PFR/NYC "recruited", thus creating a traitor of, one of our better players from last season. Who, I might add, was awarded the title of league MVP last season, with the support of the Rainbows. Victory will say to Ed what we all really want to, "Suckah, don't you wish you hadn't betrayed the mighty Rainbows for your pussy-ass team that can't make up its mind about its name!?"
  2. The Rainbows are not the only team who lost a player to PFR/NYC Street. They are an "all-star" team of sorts, composed of stolen players. They are not about the fun, as the league is meant to be, but the winning. So, with no spirit and poor team attendance at many games, they have comfortably ridden the season out in first place. The Rainbows will be the crowd favorite. We will have support and hope to be the victorious challengers.
Look out PRF/NYC Street, the DR's are coming to show you all what we think of you.

I can smell the vicory, and it is sweet.

You can see more BTSH photos here. Look for the pink.

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