Wednesday, October 26, 2005


No, it's not Thanksgiving yet!

I am sitting here, fiercely resisting the urge to vomit through my nose due to the pungent odor (something like chilli and sour pickles) wafting from the lunch of my co-worker.

My hand is carefully positioned over my nose, trying to control the airflow to it, and in my peripheral vision I can see him gobbling his way through whatever it is he is eating - but it's not like I need to look because I can hear the heavy breathing and grunting that accompanies the act just fine. I want to get up and run, fast, to a place with fresh air (which unfortunately requires an elevator ride).

Silently I pray:
"Please! Help! Take the food away fast (and not to the garbage between our desks) and get him a decongestant!!! Anybody, please..."

My brain is suffering from lack of oxygen. How much longer keep holding my breath so I can use my second hand to type?

I feel dirty and trapped.

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