Monday, October 24, 2005

Drunkin' Pumpkin

My mother-in-law has quickly become my biggest fan. Brad and I both get more feedback than imaginable and I don't know if anyone looks forward to and regularly checks for blog posts as much as Caryl does. Knowing this I feel that I should post more frequently. . .

Saturday morning, while Brad was cookin' up our latest favorite, "Fried Green Tomato Scrambled Eggs" (use your imagination), to go with some leftover Polenta Cakes, I sat at my computer in a cloudy, post-Friday night haze wondering what could be interesting enough to write about. Despite resolutions not to party so hard on Friday
as to make us worthless on Saturday, we did it again. Fighting the urge to remain horizontal that morning (nearly afternoon), that was the latest news at the time.

These photos were taken Friday night, with my dear old friend Sara Patten, AFTER (!) Brad had already gone home to pass out, at the bar down the street from out house:

Since then however, there have been developments. As the weekend progessed, Brad and I dipped into a new TV series, Netflix style – Strangers with Candy. We stocked up on veggies (lots of apples and tomatoes) at the farmer's market for another round of sauces and also helped our friend Christine paint her new apartment. The highlight, I'd say, was our Saturday night pumkin carving. The pumkins are for display at our friends' Halloween party this coming Friday night, and the carvings also yielded me some scraps that I'll be making some yummy pumkin bread with this week.

Check out the photos:

Last night, after the
Dark Rainbows won their first play-off game against last year's champions and the 2nd seated team (!!!), Brad and I attended a college friend of mine's wedding. When I put on my 50's style black dress and heels, Brad told me I looked like a wicked witch. Being that we haven't decided on Halloween costumes yet, it's good to know I'm at least in the spirit.

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