Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Brooklyn Rules

You should read this article about the growing gentrification (affectionately referred to as L-ification) of Williamsburg and beyond. It will tell you a lot about the place where Brad and I live. Why we need more space, can't necessaily afford more space, want to buy, can't buy, want to move, don't want to move and feel all along like we are in the center of the a thing that could explode into either heaven or hell any day now.

The real estate market sucks for us as we watch the new "luxury" buildings grow and are gradually getting priced out of our neighborhood; out meaning east, as in further away from the great isle of Manhatten into the abyss of Long Island. But, it is really fun to live in Williamsburg! Our dog has a park, we actually know some of our neighbors, we eat in great restaurants, I love the trendy shopping and should we be in the mood, there are plenty of spots to grab a tasty pint of beer in the company of other young people.

Coincidentally, right now I am reading
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It is a story that carries you through the same streets of Williamsburg as the article above, through the eyes of an 11 year old girl nearly 100 years ago. Obviously a lot has changed, but I am noticing that there are many reminders of the old days that still remain, if you can just look past the hipsters.

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SarahBeetle said...

I'm reading a tree groesin brooklyn too and i can't get through for the life of me. I think it's cause my tree doesn't grow in brooklyn but that is just a guess.

yes i'm still alive but you always ditch at the last minute anyway.