Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Massive Panic

Recently I have begun to grow more panicked about the state of the world, the planet that is. While I am excitedly reading about the development of things "green" and "sustainable", which should lend to hope, I am simultaneously reading articles in the NY Times about the melting of Arctic ice. Coupled with the noticible change in the climate and the growing severity of recent storms and natural disaters, I can't help but fear The Day After Tomorrow. Yes, I mean the kind of crappy movie.

My resulting fear is greatly fueled by one sad thought; the population that is unaware and unconcerned with the need to take greater care of our planet is SO MUCH greater than the number of people who know that change is necessary. However, this being true it is good to know that people like Bruce Mao (*design rockstar) are out there, people who aim to change the world, and thus the planet. Check out Mao's project Massive Change, it is truely massive in it's ambition and fascinating in it's approach. I think this story about bicycles is cool and inspiring.


On a semi-related (?) note, here is a website that was floating around the design blogs today that examines the design of mapping complex networks. Way cool.


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