Friday, October 28, 2005

Like Steak on a Saturday Night

You never really understand the meaning of TGIF until you have worked an entire week from 9am (ish) to 6pm in a corporate cubicle hell such as I have this week. Here I sit, wasting time, wandering through cyberspace instead of executing the crappy Powerpoint and stock-photography based designs I have been assigned. Knowing that it is Friday, the weekend is just hours away, is the one thing that keeps me carrying on.

I can't wait.

There are halloween parties and costumes on the horizon, a shopping outing (worth sticking it out in a crappy, flourescent-lit office for) and game #2 of the
BTSH playoffs, in which the Dark Rainbows are only two wins away from first place! I intend to visit Cooper-Hewitt's
Extreme Textiles show before it comes down, and tomorrow morning is yet another veggie pick-up.

But right now, I am painfully watching the minutes tick by in the upper-left hand corner of the computer screen I have been glued to since this morning. Forget Fridays, Friday is halfway over and this one has been sucky thus far. I say, Thank God for Saturdays. Tomorrow, will be a lovely day.

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