Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wizzies Be Gone

The doctor cut, scrapped, drilled, crunched and tugged on those teeth until they came out while I lay there shaking and holding onto the dentist chair for dear life. And now, my wizzies are gone. But as horrrible as the dentist office experience was, it was only the beginning. I have been couch ridden since arriving home yesterday afternoon, hopped up on codine, advil and antibiotics while my face continues to throb and grow.

Lucky for me, Brad, husband turned nurse and house-wife, has been documenting the progress of my swell towards recovery. Despite the fact that I no longer like to look at myself in the mirror, in my pain-killer induced state of calm and boredom, I have decided to share.

Here we go:

Anesthesia-enduced droppy mouth

Then let the swelling begin

Followed by a brief stint of antibiotic-enduced nausia

A night of sleep didn't help . . .

Neither did a hot shower

That's right, pretty gross! According to the dentsit, the swelling should peak at about 48 hours - so at the time of this last photo I was only at the halfway point of this crazy, miserable post-op experience.

Stay tuned for the 48 hour update.

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