Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stock Full of Crap

Excuse me while I . . .

This month I have somehow managed to have not one, but two jobs, entailing some heavy duty photo researching. Ick! Searching through stock photography sites is an unpleasant and frustrating experience not unlike searching for a new apartment in New York City. When you set out, you know that what you want is out there (or something close enough to it anyway), but you have to look at and filter through SO MUCH CRAP to find it! And all along the way, you slowly lose hope as to whether or not it might really be out there.

Deap breath . . .

But seriously, what good could this photo do anyone who is searching for some photography of junk food?
A hot dog on a purple feather boa?! Gross! Why?

. . . Anyway,
here is something else silly and wonderful (?) that I stumbled across today on the good ol' world wide web. A vending machine stock full of not crap, but lobsters. That's right.

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