Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fillings and Fur

I just returned from the dentist where you never want to hear words like,"cavity", "root canal" or "oral surgery". Here's a new one – my dentist refered to my impacted wisdom teeth as "wizzies".

It has been several years since I have had dental insurance, so after finally purchasing a plan for Brad and I, I just attended the inital cleaning. In case you haven't already guessed, my dentist used those words. All of them. It looks like I'll be seeing more of my dentist, less of my wizzies, hopefully NOT a root canal, and it will all cost only a small fortune.

Oh yeah, and I am very frightened of the pain involved.


On the BRIGHTER side, I also picked up my dog Francine today from my parent's house in NJ where she was vacationing while Brad and I were in San Francisco. Even though it is nice to have a break from the many necessary and sometimes inconvenient dog walks every day, our apartment is missing a lot of love and life without Francine in it. Who else jumps up and down and gives me a hug EVERY time I walk in the front door (even if I've only been gone 5 minutes)?

This is Francine:

Being someone who owns pets and loves animals very much, I have been wondering about the many pets that must have suffered from Hurricane Katrina. It is a sad truth that people need to save people first, when there are so many animal that must have been killed, stranded or abandoned during the devastation. Although it is good news to hear there have been rescue efforts, this article in the NY Times will tell you what is happening (or has happened) to those pets, and it made me very sad.

This is our other pet Turtle:


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amandumb said...

turtle is the sexiest kitty ever - i miss her