Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Lot of Sun and a Little Bit of Soul

Brad and I spent this past Friday and Saturday at the beach on Fire Island, where I passed several college summers living and working. The family I babysat for in college who are now my dear friends, the Sugarmans, invited us to stay at their house. Not only did I get a little bit of a suntan and a chance to visit with old friends, but it looks like we were enjoying what might have been the last warm days we see this year.

Here are the top ten things that were great about being on Fire Island this weekend:

  1. Sun, sun, sun!
  2. Beach
  3. Bare feet and sand (which always seems to get brought back)
  4. Hammock time and a lot of relaxin'
  5. Bike riding
  6. Scrabble
  7. Grilling
  8. Old friends
  9. The Sugar boys
  10. A Sugar-style feast
*Thanks Beth and Stu!

Wondering where the little bit of soul comes in? Well, this morning Brad and I had one of those experiences that makes New York City special. We went to a brunch performance by Allen Toussaint to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina (of which he is one) at Joe's Pub.

Allen Toussaint is a living legend of a song writer, who we were privileged to see being that he so rarely performs. Watching and listening to him play the play the piano and sing was something so special, it made me smile, wish there was room to dance and even brought a few tears to my eyes.

To make the experience all the more amazing, it just so happened that a friend of his, Mr. Elvis Costello was in the audience and joined Mr. Toussaint on two songs! I walked out on a bit of a cloud and a big coffee buzz, with sweet soul music swimming in my ears.

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