Monday, September 12, 2005

Magnificent Havoc

Holy crapola! If you thought the MTV2 two-headed dog campaign was out there, wait until you get a load of this . . .

Here comes Coke with a crazy and magnificent(?) manuever to reach youngsters who they say, don't relate to Coke (the soft drink that is). The effort is described as "iconic branding" without direct marketing. You can read all about it in this Ad Age article. The jist of it is that 5 design firms from around the globe have designed collectable packaging (some of which change color under black light!) and complementary music videos that will be distributed in "red hot night clubs that cater to influentials". Don't you want to be an "influential"? Do you wonder how many youngsters, no matter how pretty the bottles, are going to be drinking Coca Cola at a night club???

Ok, so as crazy as it sounds, here is the twist. This shit is RAD!
Graphic Havoc, who rock the design haĆ¼s, designed and directed the campaign, called M5. Wondering what M5 stands for? Magnificent Five, referring to the five studios chosen to create these marketing devices. And let me tell you, this is some yummy stuff. The designs are amazing, the studios chose super cool music, the videos make no reference to the product, look like they were WAY fun to make and are even better to watch. So stop reading now and go to the site! Watch the videos (there are three available so far and though it is a hard choice, I'm going with Guided By Voices, by MK12, as my favorite) and let yourself be mezmorized by all the pretty motion graphic.


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