Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I brought my heart back from San Francisco

Ahhhh, vacation.

After a long and grueling summer in an over-air conditioned corporate cubicle, Brad and I ran off to visit his sister in San Francisco over the long Labor Day weekend. It was wonderful!

Having spent most of my adult life in New York City, it was a strange realization to find that not all cities are urban in the NYC sense. Amanda has been telling us that if NYC and Santa Fe (our other love) had a baby, they would give birth to something like San Francisco. She might be right.

Throughout the weekend, while we walked and bused and shopped and ate and partied, I did have the familiar sense of the land of maƱana. San Francisco is a city in the proper sense of the word, but it is not fast-paced, it is not "tall", the public transportation leaves something to be desired in expedience and efficiency, and there are plenty of hippyesque granola crunchers. Did I mention there are an over abundance of homeless crack heads? On the flip side, the architecture has tons of character, the apartments are big and they have a union square.

Here are some other highlights:



Nature and fog.

Sand and the Pacific.

New city, new restaurants. We chowed.

I know I just said eating, but these burritos are in a class of there own!

Where else could you work up an appitite for a 2am burrito, but at a beer garden?

SHOPPING (shopping and more shopping!)
The five hour flight to the west coast seemed to propel us three months ahead in time. Not only did I stock up on some fall wardrobing essentials, but I wore them all weekend! How greatful I was for that new sweater. . .

One of the items on my itinerary was to visit the 2x4 design showcase at the SF MOMA. A super cool show, where the collabrative studio's portfolio was displayed, along with some video and writing, as wallpaper! The museum also had some permanent collection contemporary and modern highlights, an awesome historical photography retrospective, and an exhibiton - Jeremy Blake: Winchester - of some really trippy video collage. Oh, and these super sexy salt and pepper shakers I found in the SFMOMA design store!


PALACE OF THE FINE ARTS and the view from the Marina

Need I say more???

Thanks for having us Amanda!

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