Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HRIDE: Week 3 Training Report

As my coaches have reminded me, "As of Saturday, ALL our training sessions will be outside, on our bikes. There are no more spin classes!" February and the days of indoor training have come to an end, but we sure went out with a bang.

This week's spin classes were absolutely grueling. Because we are preparing for the Tahoe course, and because we are getting into shape where we need to maximize the hour class, we have been training hills, and hard. I'm talking - as much resistance as you can handle, climbing uphill for an hour - hard. We've talked about heart rate and maximizing effort, but that sure goes out the window when all you're doing is climbing. My coach's Thursday night class was hard, but Saturday's was taught by a pro spin instructor and what I remember most is her yelling, "Come on! If you've got more to give, TURN IT UP!"

Also in the week's news is the purchase of my new road bike! I don't have it yet, hopefully it's being built up as I type this post, but I went shopping to two different bike shops and consulted one of my coaches, who is also a pro fitter, on the purchase. I also have pedals, shoes and other equipment on the way, but that'll be in next week's update. Check back soon, photos to come!

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