Friday, February 16, 2007

Soon to be Mrs. Green Clean

Yesterday a new stove was installed in my kitchen. (Sadly, the old one was never the same after it was serviced to save Thanksgiving dinner. ) The delivery crew of four arrived while I was walking the dog. In my absence they moved all of our furniture out of the way and started walking back and forth from the truck outside, through the snow and all over the apartment, in boots.

When the crew and my landlords finally departed the wreckage was aweful. The foyer and living room had been turned upside down. The kitchen was full of packing and other trash, and the beautiful wood floors throughout our apartment were a see of muddy bootprints. I had not planned on spending my afternoon cleaning the apartment, but I had no choice.

Around 2pm I finally sat down to work. Everthing was back in it's place and the floors were sparkling with murphy's oil soap, the smell of cleaning products filled the air. The first email I saw was from Brad, containing
this article (that's your cue, read it now!). Funny timing as I sat inhaling the scent of chemical clean.

We already use eco-friendly dish soap and toilet paper. Our laundry detergent is perfume and die-free, but cleaning the bathroom is a toxic experience of bleach and steam. I use the kitchen so heavily that Brad and I are always spraying and wiping counters with Fantastic - in fact, I dare to say we couldn't clean without it. But maybe this is not so good for us and it is time for a change.

A while back an article in Dwell magazine provided some sources for non-toxic cleaning products, including this site. I am personally not a fan of seventh generation products, but I intend to start searching for a Fantastic replacement. Two brands I am considering are Mrs. Meyer's and Earth Friendly, whose dish soap I recommend. If you find yourself inspired to consider what you clean your living environment with I am curious to know what works for you. There is never any harm in living a little bit greener.

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