Wednesday, March 14, 2007

HRIDE: Week 4/5 Training Report

The past two weeks have hosted several milestones in my training progress. Most notable, I have finally hit the open road! Well, the open park drives at least. Despite the spring temperatures that have teased me in the afternoons, 2 of first the 5 team rides were canceled due to bad weather. 2 of the remaining 3 team rides happened in chilling morning temperatures, but riding outdoors still beats spinning class any day. Having learned my lesson the hard way, I have some thermal tights and protective boots on order for this coming Saturday's 35˚ ride.

And what, might you ask, have I been riding on? Well, my new bike! That's right, and she's a beauty. Light, comfortable and easy on the eyes, I am definitely in love. On my bike I have learned yet another important lesson through discomfort - thanks to advanced technology, "boy seats" and "girl seats" are definitely different. And so, also on order is the "Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow" saddle, which I hope will ease the pain.

But enough about the gear (there is certainly a lot of it) and more about the riding! It's great, I'm hooked. The weekend park rides are approaching 30 miles, and so far I haven't felt any soreness, just exhaustion. Naps have become a routine on training days, especially after this week when I attended my first 6AM ride. It wasn't easy getting out of bed in the dark, but circling the park as the sun came up was blast - especially while I was riding the back of our little pace line, sailing on the effort of my teammates. I am getting comfortable with clip in pedals and have been schooled in gear strategy so even the uphills are manageable. Now when I walk with Francine in Prospect Park and see other cyclists doing laps, I can't wait to hop on my new pony and ride!

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