Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HRIDE: Week 2 Training Report

There's not much to tell in these early weeks of training. The schedule is light and the mileage is low - I call it confidence boosting. After 2 weeks, the 15 miles or so that we log in spin class twice a week is starting to feel easy. 100 miles is long way away but I am starting to see that I might actually work my way up to it.

During team riding my coaches' focus was on cadence - pacing ourselves for distance and using our energy and muscles efficiently. This week I also added some padded knickers to the routine. You might think that bike shorts looks like diapers, well the FEEL like diapers. I was truly unprepared for how uncomfortable and unflattering the things were, but on the bike none of that matters. A little cushion goes a long way.

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