Monday, February 12, 2007

HRIDE: Week 1 Training Report

I passed one of the biggest obstacles on the H˚RIDE this week - finding the courage to sign up for the challenge! I have been working my way towards committing to TNT for weeks and now I've done it.

I also attended my first spin class. We hit the road, weather permitting, March 3rd and until then we'll be building our endurance and general bike knowledge in team spin classes at a cycle studio on the Upper West Side. During the class I was introduced to proper bike gripping positions and clipping my shoes into the petals. We practiced a few hill climbs and rode for nearly an hour. Afterwards my legs were tired and soar, it is definitely a long road ahead.

I will be facing this eventually, so I might as well start preparing myself mentally now. Check out the Altitude map for the Tahoe course:

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