Sunday, April 16, 2006


One of the nicest things about being newly wed, is creating newly traditions that we intend to carry thoughout our time being wed. For example, during our Christmases together Brad and I have created our own little tradition of going out to a big restaurant meal on Christmas Eve, prior to the start of a series of family dinners - the inaugural of which was a huge Christmas Eve Sushi dinner!

In that spirit, today Brad and I hosted The Great American Barbeque Easter Dinner for my parents and our good friends Josh, his sister and Megan. In lieu of the traditional ham, we opted to recreate an elaborate menu of barbeque dishes that Brad learned during the
cooking class that he recently attended at The New School.

The menu included the following dishes, which we made from scratch - sauces, spices and all, and was a feast in every sense of the word. But what better than an easter spent with family and friends, when everyone goes home with not only a full belly, but a goody bag of yummy home-cooked BBQ for days to come?

The Great American Barbeque Easter Dinner Menu:
Spicy Boiled Shrimp with Red Remoulade
Soft BBQ Dinner Rolls (the interactive fun is when you have your dinner guests help you roll the fresh biscuit dough :)

Wilted Slaw Salad

Oven-Barbequed Brisket (hours and hours in the works my freiends, and worth every minute!)

Scalloped Tomatoes

Souffle├ęd Cheese Grits (by far, the CHEESIEST)

'Real' BBQ Spare Ribs (spice rubbed and served with special rib sauce, mmmmmmm. . .)


I wish I could give Megan's creation more due credit, but it involed lemon meringue, almond flour cake, whipped cream and fresh rasberries - and I think everybody licked their bowl!


The weather Gods graced us with a warm afternoon to drink and enjoy those shrimp on the patio, and the perfect setting for an after dinner walk in the park.

And of course, of all days, I forgot to take pictures . . . But here are some photos of the booty, when we returned home from the grocery store, more than 24 hours before the meal, and started cooking!

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