Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Farewell and Hello

10 +1 things I will miss about living on Jackson Street in Williamsburg:

  1. The pool and the new astroturf field at McCarren park.
  2. The I-talians. Fuhgetaboutit.
  3. Settepani - and the yummiest canollis I have ever had.
  4. The sweet italian sausages from our local butcher.
  5. All our friends that were in walking distance and the frequent dinner parties with the greenpoint bunch.
  6. Spacial and my other Bedford Avenue faves being just a short stroll through the park away.
  7. Easy street parking.
  8. Hana Foods - the best health food store meets 24 hour convenience, EVER.
  9. Tops - the most perfect independently owned grocery market I have ever shopped in.
  10. All our favorite local restaurants and Pete's Candy Store.
  11. The Dine's farm vendor and the Greenpoint Farmers market in McCarren Park.
*I could probably also list 10 things I won't miss, mainly about our building on Jackson street, as well. But hey, let's keep things positive here.

10 Things I already love about living on Lincoln Place in Park Slope:
  1. Our apartment. You'll see . . . and the view from our bedroom window into our garden of a backyard.
  2. The luxury of doing laundry at home.
  3. Dog walks in Prospect Park.
  4. The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music is our neighbor and the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Garden are just a few blocks away.
  5. Local coffee shops, many of them.
  6. Cousin John's bakery - where we experienced the most delicious lunches and brunches, always involving fresh baked croissants. Did I mention it's around the corner?
  7. The Grand Army Plaza Farmer's market.
  8. Living a stone's throw off of 7th Avenue and not too far from 5th. We have MANY new shops and restaurants to explore.
  9. Going to movies at a neighborhood movie theater.
  10. Having closets.

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