Friday, April 28, 2006

Como se dice "BLOG"?

Although it has been nearly 24 hours since we left the beautiful Yucatan penninsula, I have not stopped trying to speak in my poor, broken Spanish. To ward off the onset of post-mexico depression that I feel coming with the end of vacation, depleted finances, the reality of returning to work, and the sad knowlege that yes, my tan will fade, I am contemplating the idea of a siesta during which I hope to dream of mexico. But first, I will leave you with an itinerary highlight and the promise of a flicker set with more photos of our 8 days spent discovering the Yucatan, than you could ever hope for.

Just a few of the things we did in Mexico:

Day 1: Driving through the smoke of slash and burn farming on our way to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.

Day 2: Being escorted through the market in Merida to shop for our cooking class with David Sterling of Los Dos.

Day 3: Aside from our 1st wedding anniversary. Flamingos, mangroves and a celebratory dinner at the hippest, and possibly tastiest, spot in Merida.

Day 4: Mas pueblos and beautiful churches as we logged more miles crossing the peninsula. For the first time we feared Montezuma's Revenge but I forgot about it when we were greated by friends and cold cervezas on the beach in Tulum.

Day 5: Ahhhhh, la playa. And a refreshing snorkle trip to a cenote.

Day 6: Biking (and sweating) around the ruins of Coba. We climbed the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan and visited los cocodrilos before attending a great wedding.

Day 7: Como se dice "sea sick"? The deep sea fishing trip we went on was NOT a highlight. I spent three of the four hours that we trolled the ocean hugging the boat with my head hanging over the side. But sitting down to a table of twenty, drunk on the biggest margarita I have ever been served, to feast on the fresh tuna and mahi mahi we caught, all but made up for my earlier discomfort.

Day 8: Massages and papaya wraps, lounging on the beach in the shade of a palapa, and a double dinner date at an amazing beachside restaurant in the jungle made for a marvelous day. The food was so delicious at Hechizo I didn't even mind the insects that joined us on the table. And as if this wasn't a most satisying day in Mexico . . .

Day 9: We partied into the early hours of day 9 with tequilla, limbo and - no Mexican vacation would be complete without it - skinnydipping.

Hasta luego con mas fotos, mis amigos!!!

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