Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nest Eggs

This past week I worked for an agency that I was designing with for about six months last year before they blew off my services for those of a free intern - but that's a story for another time. Having not seen the folks there since last Febuary, the big question was "How's married life?", because I was a single last time I graced their offices.

"Not all that different" was my standard answer. Brad and I were living together before getting married, and after the wedding parties died down and the dust setteled, not much seemed to have changed. However, I realized upon further thought, that one thing we have begun to do increasingly in our married state, is nest - in the form of shopping. In the past two months we have purchased new furniture, a new table lamp, new bedding, a new photo printer, and as of this weekend, a new humidifier and dog bed - to name a few.

(It may be time to curb the habbit. Maybe our New Year's resolution will involve less purchasing, so we can finally add to that savings we have been talking about.)

This month we decided that we won't be moving from Brooklyn, or our apartment, in the near future. So, lately we have also been nesting in the form of cleaning and reorganizing. The past two weekends we have been spent moving furniture, dusting out corners, reorganizing stored items and generally sprucing up the place so we can be cozy for winter. As a final step, we took all of our couch covers and pillows to NJ
this weekend, while celebrating my Mom's brithday, to wash and free them of dirt and pet odors.

Now we little eggs sit, on our fresh and clean couch, laptops on laps while we enjoy the newly purchased Brat Pack movie collection and a big bowl of popcorn. The nest is good.

*Oh, and one other purchase worth mentioning. I just ordered wallet-sized prints of this photo:

See why I love Brad!?

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