Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Dependency Only Grows

Last night Brad finally got his first flickr photo sets up for viewing! This awesome interface for sharing and archiving our best photos is yet another thing to add to our growing list of internet memberships, subscriptions, extra curricular activities and general dependancies. The future will hopefully be a happy little collaberation of blogging and photo streaming.

This photo is part of the Hawaii set. For more photos of our Hawaii vacation, click here.

I only fear that spending the days of our prime years in front of computers will leave us hunchbacked and blind by the time we are parents. Our children might just want their computers surgically attached . . .

And speaking of, in just a few short days I'll be blogging to you and internet living from this baby, the 20" 2.1GHz G5 iMac with buil-in iSight , that I purchased last night. Sadly, my G4 powerbook, which has been so good to me over the past 3+ years is entering into it's final days. But this is how it goes, every few years comes the time to upgrade. I can't keep up withall the news, entertainment, correspondance, professional developments and the like on a computer that chugs along. Beauty and speed are headed my way via UPS ground shipping, and I can't wait!

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