Wednesday, November 30, 2005

All I Want For Christmas

Dear blog,
I know you must think that my recent lack of posts is a sign of my lost interest in you - by I urge you not to asume this. I still love you very much, I have just been VERY busy. You don't realize the amount of time and effort that goes into posting you, and unfortunately for us both, that time has been purchased by others.
Yes dear blog, it is true I can be bought, but I am only using them to earn money for Christmas shopping. I will never care for them as I do you.

In the past week I have been absorbed by numerous jobs; Brad and I have nearly completed a
new website, I have returned to work at Public where I have been slaving to update their website, and I am also in the midst of another job for this website. I long for those leisurely days when I can spend my time contemplating the vocablulry with which I craft you. Those days are near, for soon we will be together again. Wait for me, blog. I will return to you and we will once again create glorious memories.

All my love,

Da Bomb

The problem with having too much work to do is not only that I do not have time to write posts, it is that I do not have time to peruse and absorb information from the internet to fuel the content of my blog posts. During busy weeks there is little room inside my brain in waking hours for much more than work, work, work, schedules, meals and dog walks. Current events and useless nonsense alike pass by without my being aware.

In addition, the approach of Chrsitmas has created yet another obstruction. It seems that I spend the few precious moments of internet time browsing for gifts. I know I am too old to write a list for Santa, but that doesn't mean I can't write a list for Brad. Luckily(?), we both have this little addiction called shopping, and what better way to exercise it than buying gifts for each other!

While at work, we often email back and forth with links to interesting Times articles, random tidbits and occasionally, cool things to buy. However, in recent days there has been some not-so-subliminal gift hinting in these correspondances.

It all started the other day when Brad sent me several links to some old-school Atari game consoles, saying "Aren't these cool? And they're only $25!" Translation: "You should make a note of these links because I want one for Christmas!" I retaliated with a less subtle suggestion, "These are some of my favorite sites to browse for cool stuff." Translation: "You can't go wrong if you buy me lots of stuff from these websites." Finally, Brad responded at the end of the day with the link to his new Amazon wishlist. No translation needed. Let the shopping begin!

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