Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Entertainment City

Sorry for the delay in posts, but I have been busy setting up my new computer (!!!) from which I am now blogging.

Brad and I have gone to 3 theaters in the past five nights. Luckily, we did this before today's
transit strike, which has Brad home from work with me. I of course, have no work, again, but anyway . . .

Last Thursday we attended a performance of the
Compagnie Marie Choudinard, which we saw in a mulitple company performance earlier this fall. The show was at the Joyce Theatre, a really great theater dedicated to dance, in which there is not a bad seat in the house. The program consisted of two pieces; a solo and a group piece titled, Chorale, which Brad desicribed as a "bath of weird". I loved it. Performed by an amzing group of dancers, it was both silly and sexual (it even contained nudity), definitely not for children, funny and like nothing I've seen before.

On Saturday night, we attended an annual performance of the
Alvin Ailey Amercan Dance Theater at City Center. I have personal sentiments about the Ailey company, and the dancers were as amazing as ever. Unfortunatley, a new work by a choreographer I usually love left us wanting more. But the final piece, a new dance by Judith Jamison, Reminicin', delivered everything I hoped for that evening and then some.

Finally, last night, with our friends
Royce and Masako, we saw King Kong at the Union Sqaure Movie Theater. I will tell you this, it was huge, exciting and fun. Then I will tell you that you should definitely go see it for yourself on the big screen.

There will be more theaters in our future, now that we are
Play by Play members. Brad joined for us to be able attend discounted last-minute performances at the suggestion of a hockey friend. We'll see how it works out when we start theater-going.

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