Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who Wants To Live Without The Internet?

Not me. But, I feel it my duty to warn you that if you want to help prevent global warming, you may not be able to read this blog, or any for that matter. According to this NY Times article, carbon dioxide, the main climate threat, "is generated by activities as varied as surfing the Web, driving a car, burning wood or flying to Montreal."

Sadly, it seems that global warning is much like cancer - everything causes it. We're doomed, so to keep reading you'll have to take your chances . . . .

Last spring Brad bought me a Holga, a plastic point and shoot camera that uses medium format film. Since then I have slowly been shooting with it - mainly on trips and special occasions. It took me some time to find an affordable place to have the film processed and now, nearly six months later, I finally developed the first five rolls and the results are delightful.

Maybe when Brad finally gets some photos
up and running on his flickr site, I'll make my very own Heather's Holga album. Until then, here are some gems, from Hawaii and San Fransisco, respectively:

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