Thursday, March 22, 2007

HRIDE: Week 6 Training Report

Thursday Evening Ride: CANCELED rain and low temperatures
Saturday Morning Ride: CANCELED snow and freezing rain
Tuesday Morning Ride: CANCELED freezing temperatures

I did manage to squeeze in a solo ride in Prospect Park when the temperature warmed to the mid-40s on Tuesday afternoon, but otherwise the week in training was uneventful. I have had a bit of anxiety about the work still ahead of me, since the weather ruined my first opportunity to hit the 30 mile marker on the weekend ride. I am quickly approaching the 2 month countdown to Tahoe and still am a long way from 100 miles!

I am also approaching the 2 month countdown for my fundraising deadline and am only at 10% of my goal. Sadly, I have not had as much response as hoped to the two lengthy email letters I sent thus far. With unexpected, non-training downtime this week I have been trying to concoct new ways to encourage donations in support of my ride and the L&L Society's cause. I'd tell you, but then that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? If you haven't already donated, what are you waiting for? Go to my site and make a 100% tax deductable donation now!

Week 7 is looking brighter and warmer already - hopefully I'll have more cycling progress to report in my next update.

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