Friday, March 30, 2007

HRIDE: Week 7 Training Report

Well, let me tell you. A week where none of my rides are canceled sure does fly! It seems that Spring has finally sprung here in Brooklyn, and this past Saturday's 5 laps (30 miles) around Central Park felt great. The day was warm and sunny, and despite the fact that I felt on laps 1, 2 3 and 4 that I would never make it to 5 and climb that damn Harlem hill yet again - I did. Thankfully that is the last time I will have to ride in Central Park on a Saturday, as people traffic picks up significantly with the warming temperatures. This coming weekend we hit the open road.

My 6AM rides are also becoming more manageable. The mornings are a bit warmer and the dark does not last as long. Most surprisingly, I am actually starting to get used to how it feels to wake up so early! I hit a spin class at my gym this week for a little cardio boost on a windy day when Prospect Park was not seeming so tempting. Riding on the gym spin bikes made me realize just how comfortable I have gotten on my own bike over the past month.

You could say I am hooked. Continually intimidated by the increasing distances, I am greatful when I complete them. I am having a blast and feeling healthier and stronger by the week and also starting to make some great new friends withing my team. I have just learned that my application to act as a mentor on the upcoming Fall team - El Tour de Tucson - was accepted. The cycling will not end with Tahoe and I think by the end of this whole experience I'll be eager to stay on my bike and share what I have learned with the next team.

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John said...

Hi, I found your blog while seeing who else was going to Tahoe with Team in Training. It's great to find someone training for it all the way across the country!

It's very interesting to read about how the Team trains in NYC.
Team spinning classes?
35F weather?

Makes me feel very spoiled in the SF Bay Area, where we whine if it gets down to 50 degrees!

Keep up the good work and Go Team! I'll watch for the Brooklyn team in June.