Friday, December 01, 2006

Chilling A Smelly One

I picked these leaves up off the path in Prospect Park this morning while walking Francine. It has been sunny and 60˚ in the afternoons all week and despite the fact that today is December 1st, there are still some leaves on the trees. Global warming or not, I have been enjoying the sun and the warmth.

The other thing I picked up and brought home from the park this morning was a vile of Francine's poop, per the vet's instructions. They say it is necessary for her records and when we were there last Friday they sent me home with a vile containing a tiny scooper, labeled 'prepaid'. My instructions were to bring it back half full and I have been avoiding the task ever since. But, this weekend Brad and I are heading to Miami again where we'll enjoy temperatures in the high 70˚s and attend Art Basel Miami Beach with his gallery, so today is the day to do all those chores I have been procrastinating about. That is why there is poop in my refrigerator.

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