Friday, December 15, 2006

Wet Rat

A few weeks ago we took Francine to the vet and dropped a few hundred clams. One of the things we tried to address in doing so is why she's always so darn itchy. So, we've been feeding her supplements and an antibiotic for her coat for three weeks now with little change, and then it occurred to us . . . perhaps the problem is the cat.

We gave Turtle a bath the other day to rid her of any potential flees or other itch inducing bits in her coat. Have you ever seen a cat claw her way up a glass shower door? I have, and I have some nice welted scratches up my arm to prove it. But we pulled it off, I held her down while Brad gave her the scrub. And although she was not happy, she certainly came out clean and soft.

The other main to-do this week has been the preparations for our holiday party tonight. Brad and I are hosting a Holiday-O-Rama featuring a selection of "holiday spirits". I've been infusing vodkas, making peanut brittle and in an moment I'm gonna head into the kitchen to started cooking up some spiked egg nog. The apartment is glistening with Christmas lights and the only thing left to do is wrap up some gift swap presents and put on our "outfits". It outta be a good one!

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