Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Wig Rides Again

The holiday season was off to quite a start with Heather N' Brad's Holiday-O-Rama. The holiday spirits, including rosemary and cinnamon vodka, bourbon-spiked homemade eggnog, single malt scotch and a variety of Christmas ales, flowed freely in our crowded apartment. The $1.99 present swap couldn't have been a bigger hit - even if Brad hadn't invented the double-or-nothin' coin toss - and the word on the street is that a great time was had by all.

Once we cleaned up and recovered from the festivities, a week of Christmas shopping and holiday preparations ensued. Brad and I had some delicious Christmas Eve Eve dates with close friends and our own little present exchange before heading off to visit our families. The holiday itself was spent in New Jersey were Brad decorated our new car with Christmas Eve vomit and I cooked a Christmas day feast for the Marold clan.

After that we headed to Colorado Springs for a little Thomason time, and if all were going according to plan we'd be in New Mexico right now gearing up to ring in the New Year in Santa Fe, but the weather just won't let that happen. Today is day two of being stranded in Colorado because the interstate has been closed since Friday, and with just 12 hours of 2006 to go, we're weighing our odds on a standby flight back to Brooklyn in time for midnight. At this point I'd say festivities have pretty much ground to a screeching halt.

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