Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dirty Ho

One of the cooler things in our neck of Brooklyn is BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, although it is so much more than it's name would imply. What we love most about it is the movie theater. They show everything from the best big studio releases to the smallest of independents.

For the past few weeks they have been showing a series of Kung Fu movies as a tribute to the Shaw Brothers and last night we attended a screening of the original 1979 release, Dirty Ho. I don't know how easy this one would be to find on DVD/video, but it comes very highly recommended from this little bomb. It's a comedy that made the audience laugh out loud with some really
great fight choreography. Gordon Liu, who you may remember as the Kung Fu Master, Pai Mei, that trained Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, plays an awesome character.

This was one of those great movie experiences that made you want to clap afterwards. As we left the theater Brad told me it was the best date he had ever been on and at that point I felt the same. Kung Fu movies rule!

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