Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Married Life on V-Day

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day. When I asked Brad what special plans we should make for the day, he was quick to remind me that he heard the words "holiday created by greeting card companies" come out of my mouth. We agreed that restaurants were a silly idea on a guaranteed to be busy night and settled instead to cook a fancier-than-usual meal at home in honor of St. Valentine and Hallmark.

Brad selected this recipe for a Steak Diane, insprired by a Mark Bittman article that showed up in the Times recently, and as his Valentine gesture, even purchased the fillets (the groery buying is usually my responsibilty). In return, I spent several hours yesterday cleaning the apartment (including a crap load of dish washing, which I HATE) while I was home and went as far as to light candles and set the table for our glamorous meal.

Like a good husband, Brad came home with some beautiful flowers and a very yummy bottle of wine and shortly after, we went to work on the meal. I made some sesame biscuits, a salad and a side of french beans with sautéed mushrooms and shallots, while Brad took on the Steak Diane (he told me it would be more romantic that way). The result was amazing (
I HIGHLY recommend the steak recipe, it was so tender and the sauce was out of this world. Not to mention, easly and quick to make). We sat down to a delicious meal, complete with flowers and candle light. And the best part about being home was when we were done, Francine licked the plates clean.

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