Sunday, February 12, 2006

It Really, Really Snowed

Some call it a blizzard. I didn't believe all the hype, but it happened.

I had several conversations over the past few days in which I doubted the likelihood of an actual blizzard. One conversation
with a delivery guy in the elevator after work on Friday, that unfortunately stuck with me, went something like this:

DG: So, you gonna have yo'self a good weekend?

H: We'll see. You hear about this so-called-blizzard everyone's talking about?

DG: Oh yeah

H: Everytime people start talking about a storm days ahead of time so they can make paranoid preparations to be snowed in, it snows like two inches.

Hee Hee. Yeah . . . Prolly won't even rain

Guess I better stock up on some movies to watch though

Yeah - I'll watch some movies with you if yo' boyfriend don't mind

. . . .

Yeah - I be REAL happy to keep you warm this weekend. Heee heee

. . . .

You have yo'self a good weekend now

Flattered, really.

Anyway, it snowed. A lot.

We finally mustered up the courage to venture out and take France on a walk around noon today. The roads were close to impassable, the sidewalks were just starting to be shoveled and it was still snowing! McCarren park was nothing but whiteness and Francine was a happy, happy dog in it.

When we used Francine to measure the snowfall at that time, our estimation was approximately two feet.

Luckily, we parked our car in the parking spaces under the overpass of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway near out house to avoid such pickles as this:

Brad has been VERY sick for the past few days, so when we returned home, I resumed my role of infirmary sidekick and we snuggled up for yet another day of chicken soup and movie watching. Although we did not trump the count of three movies watched yesterday, we did watch another two, while I finished knitting one poorly-contructed scarf. Little did we know, that while we were up to a whole lot of nothing on the couch, our neighbors were busily contructing a snow fort crime scene.

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