Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jesus Will Light My Way

On wednesday afternoon, Brad called me out to tell me that he was thinking we should go out for Mexican food for my birthday dinner (he had be deligated the task of planning the evening, as I was busy having one long day, of four loooong days at work). He then told me that he had gotten inspired to make me tamales as a surprise - but after looking up the recipe in one of my cookbooks, decided it was too much work. In this case I guess it's the thought that counts.

Friday night I celebrated my birthday at a local bar, The Royal Oak, where I enjoyed beer with a surprisingly good turn out of friends (19 to be exact - not counting Brad). Even more to my surprise, I recieved a number of gifts, inlcluding:

An ice cream sandich maker

An empress travel set (silk blanket, neck pillow and eye mask)

A set of beutifully printed piggy note cards

A citrus peeler

A four-way rubber band

An ornately framed picture of my self at 12-years old, dressed as a nerdy elf

A candle

A fancy flower vase

A Jesus nightlight

Happy Birthday? I think so.

Tonight Brad and I attended a Turduken Super Bowl Party, hosted by a design friend of mine from college, Joe Visconti. If you've never had TURDUCKEN before, I suggest you click on the word to find out more about this amazing festival of foul. We also won the advertising pool, by betting on the catagory to have the most advertisiments during the game - cars.

Here are some highlight of me, celebrating my 26th birthday:

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