Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Something Fishy is Always Good

While we were in Mexico this spring, one of the highlights of our trip was eating the fish we caught on a deep sea trip. I will note that I was sea sick for 3 out of 4 hours out of that trip, but bringing back bags of freshly caught and cleaned tuna and mahi mahi for the kitchen at our hotel to cook up for us, almost made me all but forget about my earlier discomfort.

Brad has reminded me that in my recent post about the farmer's market and it's prominence in our life at this time of year, I have yet to mention the best part of our new market at Grand Army Plaza - Fish! The line for Blue Moon fish is always long, but worth the wait. Fresh from Long Island, in recent weeks I have not been able to resist the tuna. Although it goes for $13/lb - all it takes is some salt, pepper and a quick sear on each side to taste heaven.

We have also enjoyed scallops, sea trout, steamers and best of all, mussels. This past weekend I couldn't resist the price on their mussels and it was a most rewarding experience. After making the purchase I happen to come across this recipe in Real Simple that was so easy and unbelievably delicious. If you can get your hands on some fresh mussels, I can't reccomend it enough. You don't even need the fries if you've got some great bread.

And since I mentioned it, here is my other favorite photo taken by Shawn Linehan in Mexico, where we ate more fresh fish than we could have dreamed of. A la plancha!

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