Monday, May 22, 2006

Workin' For The Weekend

It's funny how idealized the "weekend" becomes when you spend your week slaving (did I say slaving?) at a full-time job. Friday night and the two days that follow glisten with endless possibilites as the work week comes to an end.

Brad and I properly rung in the weekend following my first real work week with a drunken night out. Several friends joined us in eating cuban food and drinking beer in a smelly bar. We beat the hangover that followed with a nice Saturday of walking in the park, shopping and lounging at home. Sunday was looking fine as well, when we walked over to the the 5th Avenue street fair, here in Park Slope, and ate quite a bit of yummy food while browsing the local vendors. However, the lovely weekend and perhaps our recent string of seemingly good luck and happy days came to a screeching hault when we headed to our hockey game.

While driving over the Manhattan Bridge at approximatelt 45MPH, thinking how good the car was running after having it's exhaust problem fixed by the mechanic this past week, the hood of the car flew up, tore off by all but one hinge and slammed against the windshield. It all went down sort of like this - driving . . . thinking . . .driving . . . WHAM!!!!!!!!seeing nothing but the black car hood. I don't remeber stopping the car. But I do remember saying to Brad "What the F@%! just happened?" And then I looked up to see that the sun roof had shattered from the impact and later noticed the rear view mirror was lying on the car floor.

If you're wondering why the car is all tied up, it is because Brad is a manly man and was keeping some string in the trunk for unseen events demanding string, just like this one. (Or so he claims - I don't know if he really "put" it there.) We used it to tie the nearly detatched and now inverted car hood on in order to drive it the rest of the way across the bridge and then back over the other side to return it to Brooklyn.

To answer your questions: Yes, we're OK. Luckily nobody was behind us. And no, The Dark Winbows didn't win the hockey game - we never made it and the team lost 2-1 in overtime.

And speaking of crap luck. Tonight I stepped in Francine's fresh dog poop while I was walking over to clean it up. So much for the wonderful weekend. Looks like I'm going to be working for the car payments from now on.

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