Monday, July 17, 2006

Trashy Treasures

This weekend Brad and I headed out to Coney Island to sample the Siren Music Festival. We didn't actually end up listening to much music, but as we hoped for, Coney Island was a true pleasure. If the people watching alone isn't enough for you, here are 5 other things that make it special:

1. Hot Dogs! Not to mention that Nathan's also has the best deal in town on beer. A giant cup of a cold draft (we guessed about 40 oz.) for only $4.50. Try to beat that! And while your at it, try to hold on to the beast while eating your dogs at the same time.

2. The board walk. In the past I have been drawn to the break dancers and roller skaters, but you tell me - what's better than oiled-up, shirtless, hip hop boys of fitness selling and autographing calendars for a good cause? Mr. January (on my left) even wrote me a personalized message.

3. The beach. Where you can also eat cotton candy.

4. The view from the Wonder Wheel. Over 85 years of service and never an accident.

5. The CLYLONE! Every year it costs a dollar more and seems even sketchier than the last time I rode it, but you can't buy a more thrilling 40 seconds.

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