Friday, March 17, 2006

Very Important Matters

Or perhaps I should say 'Very EXHAUSTING Matters', because this week has been a long one.

Ironically, I was about to post this entry on Friday afternoon, but just before I had a chance to read through it one last time and press the 'publish post' button, I got absoultely swamped at work. I have not had a spare moment until now, more that 24 hours later on Saturday night to get back to it.

Several major events have taken place involving Brad and my transition to our soon-to-be new home. Firstly, we finally signed the lease and got keys! Starting tomorrow our wonderful color pallete will start gracing the walls and I promise, finally, pictures. In addition, after weeks of window shopping for the right one - Brad and I experienced the fortune of good timing, when we stumbled upon a great couch and chair at a very thifty price, from a moving sale posted on craigslist. I can't wait to add them to our new living room.

Aside from the fact that I have had early starts and long finishes to work days this past week, I have
also been racing to post my, yet again, revised personal website, now in flash (!) and with the addition of my joint web design endevour with Brad, Bad Feather. The version that is up now is what I will call, beta, as it contains many glitches and design flaws that will still need to be corrected - but it is a major start.

Right about now, as the work day is not nearly close enough to an end, I feel a giant yawn coming on. No time to rest though, tonight I have a dance performance to attend, there are mailing addresses that need to be changed, cleaning . . . and of course, the painting.

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